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Environmental Policy

Toshiba Group promotes environmental management by focusing on environmental issues as one of its top management priorities. It has also formulated the Basic Policy for the Environment which lays out specific environmental strategies to be shared by all members of the group.


Basic Commitment of Toshiba Group

We, Toshiba Group companies, based on our total commitment to people and to the future, are determined to help create a higher quality of life for all people, and to do our part to help ensure that progress continues within the world community.

> Commitment to People
We endeavor to serve the needs of all people, especially our customers, shareholders, and employees, by implementing forward-looking corporate strategies while carrying out responsible and responsive business activities. As good corporate citizens, we actively contribute to further the goals of society.
> Commitment to the Future
By continually developing innovative technologies centering on the fields of Electronics and Energy, we strive to create products and services that enhance human life, and which lead to a thriving, healthy society. We constantly seek new approaches that help realize the goals of the world community, including ways to improve the global environment.
Toshiba Group Slogan: Committed to People, Committed to the Future, TOSHIBA

Toshiba Group's Basic Policy for the Environment

Based on the recognition that it is our responsibility to maintain the health of the global environment as an irreplaceable asset for future generations, Toshiba contributes to the development of a sustainable society by promoting environmental activities designed to realize a world that is low carbon, recycling based and environmentally harmonious.

> Promoting environmental management
Toshiba considers environmental stewardship to be one of management's primary responsibilities and promotes environmental activities in harmony with economic activities.
Toshiba assesses the impacts of its business activities, products and services on the environment, including with regard to biodiversity, and specifies objectives and targets with respect to the reduction of environmental impacts and prevention of pollution.
Toshiba strives to continuously improve environmental management through internal audits and reviews of activities.
Toshiba complies with all laws and regulations, industry guidelines it has endorsed, and its own standards concerning the environment.
Toshiba strives to enhance the awareness of all its employees with respect to the environment and requires that they make a practical contribution to the environment through their work.
Toshiba operates globally, and accordingly, promotes environmental activities throughout Toshiba Group.
> Providing environmentally conscious products and services and reducing their environmental impact through business activities
Toshiba recognizes that natural resources are finite and implements vigorous environmental measures to promote their effective and practical use in terms of both products and business processes.
Toshiba develops and provides environmentally conscious products and services which contribute to the reduction of environmental impacts throughout their life cycles.
Toshiba strives to reduce the environmental impacts of all business processes, encompassing design, manufacturing, logistics, sale, and disposal, with a particular focus on the prevention of global warming, efficient utilization of resources and control of chemical substances.
> As a corporate citizen of planet Earth
Toshiba contributes to society through its environmental activities, which include the development and provision of excellent, environmentally conscious technologies and products and cooperation with society at large and with local communities.
Toshiba is committed to maximizing disclosure and transparency in communication with stakeholders and society at large in order to facilitate mutual understanding.
Revised June 1, 2010


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