General Safety Requirements for the Products Sold Overseas (Brand Granting Business)

The lighting products that are granted TOSHIBA brand shall comply with the product safety requirements revealed as follows.

  1. Basic Policy of Safety Design 

    (1) The first principle of safety design shall be intrinsic safety ensuring. The intrinsic safety is that the product has appropriate function, ability, structure and material throughout the product life-cycle not to cause any damages to humans and property and that the product itself never has unacceptably harmful factors.

    (2) Safety for all of the people related to the product shall be ensured. All of the people here include not only customers but also any third person engaged in service, transportation, re-use, recycle, dismantling and disposal.

    (3) Safety ensuring shall be addressed on every stage of the product life cycle. The risks of harm on all of the stages from planning, development, design to production, sales, installation, maintenance, re-use, recycle, dismantling and disposal, shall be foreseen and appropriately handled.

    (4) The laws and public regulations applied to the product shall be thoroughly investigated and complied with in preference to any other matters. It is noted that the safety requirement level of laws and regulations is on a necessary condition but not on a sufficient condition.

    (5) Not only normal uses originally intended by designers but also unintended misuses shall be foreseen and appropriate safety ensuring shall be considered.

    (6) The validity of safety design shall be judged on "technology level". Technology level here means the highest level of science and technology attainable for ensuring safety. Furthermore, the technology level is changing with socially c accepted idea, environment and market at that time, and consequently, safety design standards shall be regularly revised.

  2. Safety Requirements Demanded for Lamps and Luminaires 

      No burn
    Materials shall be carefully chosen from the viewpoint of no burn. 
    Excessive heating shall not continue even in abnormal cases.
    It shall be enclosure structure.   
    The place between live parts shall have an appropriate tracking resistance ability.

      No electric shock
    Human accessible places shall not be live parts.
    Insulators shall be made from appropriate material, have appropriate thickness and used at appropriate temperatures.

      No injury
    Human accessible places shall not have sharpen shapes. 
    Human accessible places shall be ensured to prevent (skin) burn.  
    Movable portions shall have the structure that is unable to harm people by pinching a finger. 

     No fall 
    The structure to hold lamps and/or luminaires shall keep enough strength.
    Fall preventing devices shall have enough strength.

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