TOSHIBA LED Downlight 12 Watt Daylight/Cool White/Warm White 5 inches



TOSHIBA LED Downlight 12 Watt Daylight/Cool White/Warm White 5 inches

Categories : Fixture LED Downlight

Brand : Toshiba


Downlight LED TOSHIBA 12W Daylight/Cool White/Warm White 5 inches

 Change the atmosphere of room lighting at your fingertips. With TOSHIBA's 12W circular LED downlight, you can change the color tone of the light up to 3 colors (warm white, cool white and daylight) just by controlling the on-off with a light switch. It also has good heat dissipation. Provides constant brightness without flickering. ready to save energy Safe from UV and infrared rays, environmentally friendly, does not hurt the skin, easy to install, hassle-free and has a lifespan of up to 25,000 hours, suitable for indoor use. Help create a more diverse atmosphere.



- Recessed LED downlight, size 12 watts, energy saving up to 85%

-There are 3 lights in 1 lamp (DAYLIGHT/COOL WHITE/WARM WHITE) just press the switch to turn on-off the light.

- Free from UV and infrared radiation. safe for skin

- Environmentally friendly No mercury that causes pollution

1020 lumens of brightness with a lifespan of up to 25,000 hours.

- Confident in quality, certified standard products TIS 1955-2551

- 1 year product warranty


How to use

-For recessed installation for lighting and interior decoration

- Use with a voltage of 220-240 volts.



should read the warning and study how to use it before use - Be careful of electric shock/leakage. If the assembly and installation is not correct


- Always turn off the power switch for installation or maintenance.

- Assembly and installation must be out of the reach of children.

- Do not install near flammable objects or high heat areas.

- Do not use if any device is found to be damaged.

- Do not install or repair the product yourself. Only skilled technicians are required.

- Do not use in the wrong way. and do not modify the downlight device

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